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which one should i choose?? (19)

8 Name: fart man : 2006-12-30 10:58 ID:0E6Lv0E3

Profit. but im so shy and have no confidence.. i look aweful, like a monster and also, im moms boy.. to be honest...ive had physical contact(in a sexual way) with my mom a few times(not many times!!). i know its wrong, and i dont want to do it anymore(i swear)

"Treat them with respect" is easy for me i guess. i always respect girls, but "Try to approach these women" is the hardest part in the first place. i had always been picked on by girls(and guys) through my school yrs. they jumped on me or sometimes even punched in my face. they have always been toadstools(looks attractive but harmful) all my life.

ive always believed only my mom. shes done whatever i wanted to(including the sexual thing as i mentioned earlier). i know its time to change myself, but i have no confidence at all

to gain enough confidence, what should i do?? any advice wanted