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Alcohol and social confidence (6)

1 Name: orange : 2007-01-01 01:05 ID:fZkiLSSx

Is it really true that alcohol makes you more social? For me, it seems to be the opposite (although I've only tried it a few times).

The situation: I was at a party with some friends. At midnight, we went out to watch the fireworks. We met with some other people on a grass field, one of them being a girl who I've talked with a couple of times before, and who I am slightly interested in. I had one glass of wine before we left. Usually I am relaxed and somewhat confident, even around girls, but I was too shy then to approach her and talk with her. Could this be related to the alcohol? When I drink (I've only tried moderate quantities yet), I become afraid that I might be saying something rude which I don't mean, resulting in me being tense, shy and nervous. When I'm sober I can make witty comments (even about sex), without feeling these social-phobia-ish feelings, probably because I feel like I am "in control of myself".

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2 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-01-01 05:29 ID:wH9K1DUe

It only makes you more social if you're 21+!

Really though, why are you asking when you already know the answer? I don't know how it USUALLY works for people, but it obviously has a negative effect on you. I don't think the effect will change if someone on 4-ch tells you it will do otherwise.

3 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-01-01 05:36 ID:4nYScSjz

>>2 or 18 in Canada, or 19 in Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Alberta.

4 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-01-01 08:27 ID:Heaven

It is easy to obtain alcohol in the us under the age of 21. some places really dont care as long as they make money.

1 glass of wine shouldnt do anything to you, you shouldnt even feel it take any effect even if you are small and have no drinking experience. and it has been my experience is when people are drunk it is more mental than physical. if you think you are drunk then you will feel drunk. but usually getting drunk makes more loose, but experiences varies person to person.

5 Name: orange : 2007-01-01 09:00 ID:fZkiLSSx


I was just wondering if it could be like that the first time you try it, or something

6 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-01-01 23:37 ID:Heaven

>>3 Foreign laws are void on the internet.