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Poem or letter inspiration. (17)

10 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-01-11 11:19 ID:Heaven


>yes, i know that, but a poem isnt something nice to show that he appreciates the girl "in a romantic way". she would laugh after reading the poem. thats what i mean "too much".

It is if it's a romantic poem. This would be different if they WEREN'T ALREADY DATING. In THAT case, it might be seen as a little over the top, and maybe even a bit creepy. However, they ARE.

>ask every girl in ur country which one of them shed be happy with, receiving a bunch of flowers with a small letter that mentions how much he loves her, or a stupid poem.

Hm, let's see. An impersonal, generic bunch of flowers (that will die anyway) and a "small letter", or a romantic poem. The poem obviously shows that he spent time and effort writing it, which is more important to money. At least, to any girl worth dating.

>no she isnt. why does she have to feel the way he expects her to feel?? she doesnt ask him to send her a poem. he does this as his own pleases.

Why does she have to ASK for him to do something nice for her? That's called "spontaneity" (I'm assuming you don't know what this word means, so please look it up.) If a girl has to ASK for the boy to be nice to her, then something is very wrong with the relationship.

It's very obvious to me that you have no idea how real relationships work. And when I say real relationships, I mean actually having a girlfriend. It's not all about sex and money; there's a little thing called "romance" too. A girl who is a true romantic would melt over her boyfriend writing her a poem.

>>1, please do not listen to any advice "fart man" gives to you, for your own sake. It's probably just what worked on his mother.