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Poem or letter inspiration. (17)

11 Name: fart man : 2007-01-11 12:17 ID:B1MsPw0O

[It's probably just what worked on his mother.]
u really hate me because of "i love mom" threadlol

[Why does she have to ASK for him to do something nice for her?]
ive never said "she has to"lol what im saying is she doesnt ask him to write a poem for her. so he cant want her to feel the way he migh be expecting her to. u tard

[A girl who is a true romantic would melt over her boyfriend writing her a poem.]

[It's probably just what worked on his mother.]
u always say in "i love my mom" thread u dont believe what i say in the thread. now u believe what i say. okay please tell everyone there u believe my story. im waiting for u therelol

okay u can write a poem to >>10. she wants a poemlol now u have 2 girlfriends. lucky u!