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Poem or letter inspiration. (17)

13 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-01-11 21:18 ID:Heaven


Jesus Christ, I'm not even gonna bother replying to this whole thing..

>u always say in "i love my mom" thread u dont believe what i say in the thread. now u believe what i say. okay please tell everyone there u believe my story. im waiting for u therelol

No I didn't. Welcome to an anonymous message board where not all people with the name "Secret Admirer" are the same person. I believe what you wrote just fine. And I don't "hate" you because of that thread, I hate you because of your useless and meaningless replies to everything. You can screw your mom all you want, I won't care. Just don't shit up every thread you come across.

>>1, I apologize profusely for using your thread in this manner. orz