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Yet another e-love dilemma. (15)

1 Name: Shuffle : 2007-01-22 10:04 ID:AAgfUeDb

I'm sort of new to this whole love thing. I've never really liked a girl because I never leave the house to socialize. I graduated high school early just to get away from my nonexistent social life. Now I've started to live like a hermit of sorts until I can fathom up enough energy to go to college.

Besides that, I've always hated people. I usually lurk in IRC chats all day complaining about how the world is corrupt and how X or Y sucks. People hate me and call me "Mr. Complainer" even though all I say is true. No one listened to me or agreed for the most part. I hated almost everyone in the channel until I met this friend of one of the chat-goers. For identity protection, let's use something somewhat similar and say her screen name is Lynx.

Lynx came in the channel after some time. I started my routine about complaining and she listened. She'd laugh and agree with me that Tom Hanks sucks or whatever. This went on for a few weeks. I slept in so I could be up when she was. I had grown attached to her but was too afraid to admit that I had a developing thing for her.

Weeks go by, and she finally tells me that she likes me "beyond just a friend." I tell her I reciprocate these feelings, and she is relieved to hear this. She asks to see a picture of me, so I send her a picture of my 18-year-old self. She says I look "cute" and proceeds to tell me that her camera was "missing" so she'll get me one eventually.

When I asked her how old she was, she promptly replied "twenty-three." I was instant taken aback by that. It also turned out that she lived only a few hundred miles away. I'm really girl-shy, and this age gap is iffy.

This girl shares a lot in common with me, but I'm so young compared to her. I don't know what my parents would think of such a gap. She is ideal for me in many ways and I think she may be one of a kind.

Should I go beyond this and meet Lynx? I haven't seen a picture but I have heard her voice over VOIP chat. She doesn't sound like some obese, aged, male rapist. She sounds rather cute. I want to meet her, but my parents would get curious and probably would throw me out if they found out. I've never held a job, and they offered me a free ride to college if I "obeyed their rules."

What should I do?