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Yet another e-love dilemma. (15)

14 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-01-30 21:42 ID:BQtbC+v6

just FYI...well i don't live like a hermit and date people in real life but i do use IRC alot and have been for 6 years. (i'm 17!) i've known someone for 6 years and we recently started to like each other and last month, he came to visit. yes, we did a bit of mic and he saw like, 2 pictures of me. and i could've been a creepy nasty person but well, he came and that wasn't the case. he then came a month later and we were both honest about our identity and things like that...and yeah, we dating now :x

NOT ALL INTERNET PEOPLE ARE CREEPY. you are on the net right? and you're normal? do you think you are the only normal person on the internet?

anyway, i think you should exchange pictures. not because you want to see if she's cute, but if she's hiding from a camera, something is probably up. disposable cameras are cheap and shipping pictures is cheap. if she can't afford it, pay for it :x