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Yet another e-love dilemma. (15)

7 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-01-23 08:15 ID:5GI55Vwl

I hate to be the super liberal, "THERE'S BEAUTY IN EEEEEEVERYTHING" type of person but most of the time the internet ugly stereotype has more bark than bite. I've seen some gross people on the internet, but not anymore in real life.

Oh yeah, if people don't like you in that channel there's also an off chance it's one of the channel girls fucking with you because you've pissed them off too many times. If I were you I'd wait on it or just tell her you'd like to see a picture before meeting her in person to confirm she's not a 40 year old rapist. There's no harm in that.

And you don't have to tell your parents, even if they are offering to pay for your education. Make something else up.