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orz's love interest thread xDD (branch from Single Rants thread 2) (8)

1 Name: sarubobo : 2007-02-09 01:35 ID:xo5DTNoX

OKay so you like this girl and shes really smart and active in your school. You suck and you wanna hook up? Last I heard her friend thought you were a pervert and you wanted to buy chocolates at school from her but ended up staring in the hall? xDDD keep on going

2 Name: Orz : 2007-02-09 03:18 ID:/MndIFzc

I dont really like you summing up my situation. Im gonna stick in the singles rant thread.

3 Name: Googe : 2007-02-09 05:29 ID:Heaven

lol, not a good idea sarubobo

4 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-02-10 01:12 ID:Heaven

Orz got a big head all of a sudden.

5 Name: Orz : 2007-02-11 21:07 ID:/MndIFzc

Im sorry. What did I do to make you think I am being obnoxious? Am I? Sorry.

6 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-02-11 21:21 ID:STgMbTdR

My dick hurts from over-fapping. Anyone got this same problem? At any rate there is this girl, and I like to walk behind her because her ass is fucking awesome. Should I tell her how I feel?

7 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-02-12 07:19 ID:Heaven

No, I was just commenting on how orz became Orz.

8 Name: secret admirer : 2007-02-12 08:23 ID:Heaven

>>7 sshhh