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Cute flirty girl (14)

1 Name: Mystery Man : 2007-02-09 02:02 ID:WVqraXHd

I know that 4-ch is probly the last place i should be asking about realtionships but he it goes. I recently found that i have an intrest in this girl that ive know for a couple of year now. She really cute and about my age. Here's the problem im a straight up nerd D&D, World of warcraft Ect and im fat not grossly fat but im about 20 pounds overweight so anyway what should i do? shes flirted with me many times & apparently has never been kissed (HAWT) so what should I do???

2 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-02-09 03:18 ID:Heaven

are you sure she is flirting with you? give us more details about what she does.

and with the weight issue, start going to the gym.

3 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-02-09 08:28 ID:NeILzniL

Yeah, are you sure she's not just being nice to everyone?

4 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-02-09 13:21 ID:xvXd2IIc

And also, if you are a WOW addict, trash your account or lessen your game play the first thing. Friendships suffer from warcrack, let alone relationships.

5 Name: fart man : 2007-02-09 15:36 ID:hznKjL3p

go on a diet.

6 Name: TEENAGER : 2007-02-09 15:46 ID:dflUoqth


  1. Undo Warcraft. It's made out of DEVIL SEMEN.
  2. Weight seriously, is not a big deal. As long you LOOK good in your opinion, then it's all good. If you want to lose weight, then search the interbutt for info.
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7 Name: Mystery Man : 2007-02-09 20:01 ID:WVqraXHd

yeah well I definiatly know she's flirting, and i dont know how to approach the situation

8 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-02-09 20:30 ID:kAVR1Lyo

How about you, have you ever kissed?

9 Name: Mystery Man : 2007-02-09 20:33 ID:WVqraXHd


10 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-02-10 00:52 ID:NeILzniL


Does she just laugh at you your jokes or something? Cause I do that too. Not because I'm flirting, but it's easier than having an awkward silence. Especially with people you don't know well.

11 Name: Kira : 2007-02-10 07:18 ID:LIfjjYBy

Well I agree abit with the weight thing but it's not completely true... I have seen thin, good looking girls going out with little chubby guys. Looks do matter... But it depends on a person. Also your hobby thing with D&D... Mmm I wouldn't say ditch it because it's ur choice. Of course you can hide that(D&D)... However she might find out etc. Or you can safely keep both... It depends on how you approach it. Or Maybe you might lose one. If you really love her though... You should focus on that first. Try working out... If you want to look nice for her. Or you can have a great personality. Or both... I would say both. Also wear nice clothing etc. Eventually ask her phone number etc. It has to be done at the right time or this will not go well. You need to have lots of courage though. Well I hope it goes well. Good luck.Fighting!

12 Name: Mystery Man : 2007-02-11 01:50 ID:WVqraXHd

yeah you see i have repeled of off mountains, Fought dudes twice my size & even conquered my inner most fears. but im not good at talking to women, well in a intimate way at least.

13 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-02-11 21:49 ID:48qGNxCK


Just say something honest and heartfelt, like: "Fuck you're gorgeous!" or "DAMN I'd love to tap your ass!".

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14 Name: Seduced : 2007-02-25 14:57 ID:p1qvN83T

The first thing you should do as many others said, is to trash WoW, i played it for about 2years and it ruined some parts of my life even if i had my 2-3 month breaks from time to time. You lvl up a character and in the end it always the same you have to pvp or pve to get some good gear. In WoW you set up own goals all the time which is very stupid in MMORPGS because somethimes you feel like you can't shut i down like most other video games.

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