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Guide to get girls (30)

21 Name: Gin : 2007-02-22 06:59 ID:0KyeR0u6

Alright the next lesson is "Dress for Success" So, lets begin with lesson 3.

Image is important. Take dating like a job interview, you wouldn't go to a job interview wearing a dirty pair of jeans, mustard covered t-shirt, and greasy hair. But, dating on the other hand is a bit more relaxed on how you look. I'll break the section into parts.

Hair: Long hair is fine, but keep it clean. Nothing says 'disgusting' than greasy long hair and the same goes for short hair. Visit a stylist to keep your hair trimmed, like a weed, your hair will go out of control and end up looking rough.. If you own a garden, you would need a gardner to keep your garden from going out of control.

Clothes: Wear what you feel comfortable, but keep it clean! If you need help deciding on what to wear, look at some fashion magazines. Great source of information.

So, what I'm trying to say is... Clean yourself, do a periodical maintanence check, and at least keep updated on some info.