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Guide to get girls (30)

7 Name: Gin : 2007-02-19 17:21 ID:I05ZjxlV

Wow. People posting for me for >>2 and >>3.

Alright, Lesson 2!

I believe this has been mentioned before, so I will repeat it even if it has. The second lesson is a two part lesson or rather a test for yourself, especially for the really shy ones. Let me tell something about myself, I use to be very shy and one day my friend offered me a challenge:

Test 1: Go to a public place and say "Hi" to as many girls as you can. You don't have to say anything else, just a simple "Hi" to a passing girl would be sufficient and try to do it 10 times.

After you successfully pass test 1, the next day, another challenge for you is a bit harder. But, that'll only push you a bit further.

Test 2: Go to a public place and have a small conversation with just 5 girls. Something along the lines of "how are you doing today?" or "The weather is nice today isn't it?"

After successfully passing the test, it might not overcome your shyness completely, but it is one step closer to doing so.

a little more about myself, I am still currently dating and looking for that one special lady. Hopefully, the things that have helped me get over my shyness will help you as well and you will find that one person you can love.