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Letting go of an old Girlfriend (22)

16 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-02-24 09:48 ID:Heaven

The boyrfirend could be some sort of attempt for luring jealousy, which of course owuld be immature and you'd be best off telling her so or never talking to her again until he's gone and THEN she tries to initiate communication, if you're willing to wait, which is up to you. Or do it however you'd want to handle that, I just suggested what I'd do.

Since you were together before, there obviously must be something in the break that would have to be resolved, and maybe she's just waiting until that happens, but of course just like a bitch, it isn't though as if she's just come out and fucking say it when she talks to you, so do you want to be with a dumb bitch who plays games with you? Do you even want to wait on someone like that, it is obvious that in either case she's just trying to manipulate you to do something about it, I guess she thinks you're supposed to know what that is and supposed to want to play that game, sigh, such stupidity, this is why men are so much better because they will always be blunt about their affections because there isn't fuck more we hate than bullshit.

If you really want to be with her, tell her to stop playing around and say what it is she really wants, and if you get more bullshit then obviously forget the bitch, unless of course you're willing to deal with it, depends on how much you actually like her, are willing to be with her, what caused you to split up in the first place, and well, how much of potential sucker you are. A lot of those are interdependent based on your individual self and its involvement in the situation, not to mention your own specific preference, so only you'll know what to do after talking to her.