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Letting go of an old Girlfriend (22)

19 Name: Frigid Onanoko : 2007-02-25 12:05 ID:72+DtoUn

Frigid Onanoko tried to, but afraid no understand >>18, sorry!

>I know you think you or anyone else can determine and discern between two weights.

FO believes not to have said this. Or do you consider "heh, heh... hahahaa!" as a counterargument?

>the premise alone is more than flawed

what premise exactly? about feasability of weighing?

>can you make a grammatically awful statement...

(yes why not?)

>...about maintaing a VERY singular focus purposelessly for me?

purposelessly, but for you.... Frigid Onanoko find this contradiction. Very singular focus???
Are you asking FO to randomly insult you? Not doing that, no like.