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Letting go of an old Girlfriend (22)

7 Name: Frigid Onanoko : 2007-02-18 01:29 ID:72+DtoUn

>>4, >>6 Frigid Onanoko disagree. Its too harsh. Sure, this not very nice, but need understand girls perspective, she probably also bit queezy about situation. >>1 That fight you had did have a reason to it. Any relation has its hurdles and it is only natural that a major hickup occurs in a beginning relationship. How the relation goes on from there depends on how you handle the situation. You need to know where she's coming from and what your position is. Perhaps your distance is too long, too long to make the necessary sacrifices to close it (sacrifices on her part too.) So FO think you need to start at the reasons why it not work out in the first place, analyze them. Sure, you sort of made up with her, but you seem to have only restored communication. That's not the same as having properly dealt with the underlying problem.

FO say bye