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Letting go of an old Girlfriend (22)

8 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-02-18 05:14 ID:DAiNLWKv

Reading your advice always gives me a headache because of the engrish you insist to use. I'm actually asian and all, but I know you can type normally.

Anyway, I think your advice would be relevant if her boyfriend was out of the picture. But as it stands, it's obvious that her boyfriend takes precedence over OP. You can tell alot about this girl by the way she's handling the situation. Getting mad because OP hints he won't fight for her love? Ditching OP at the last minute despite a whole weeks worth of anticipation? Saying "I love you" to two guys at once? Waiting two weeks to confess about her boyfriend? And doesn't her boyfriend have the right to know about OP?