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Girls who are nice to everyone. (37)

32 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-04-08 23:19 ID:rbch3Nyr


>My advice is don't give up, she may be unsure if you're worthy of her but its your job to make her convinced you're good.

Fuck your shit, I'd rather be wanted than to have to prove myself to any whore.

Fuck friendly, nigger. Don't fucking act nice, who the fuck does that, yoshinoya should be a fucking bloody place where two sentients on the other side of a U shaped existance can get into a fight at any time, the tense atmosphere is the only way to make this place enjoyable and fucking shithead ass nigger bitches like yourself want to try and ruin that by acting nice around EVERYONE. What if I never want you to act fucking nice towards me if its standard procedure for your robot ass to handle people. When I am seen it should be understood that I'm pissed and drunk as hell and I hate stupid people like you, maybe you cna act nice to me when you've proven you're cool enough to be considered an individual and not a fucking stick. Keep your shit for your whatever over in the homestead, if its not love then its the fucking bomb, do you understand?

I dont think it's overkill at all, I think he'd rather get the goddamn court order and know there's nothing than to ever have to talk to this person again.

The only sane and reasonable person in this entire thread.