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disillusioned with women? (19)

18 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-05-27 21:52 ID:Heaven

>I know I'm not gay. I once followed the lines of reasoning expressed by some in this thread and concluded that if I am not attracted to girls, I must be attracted to men.
> The only girls I've ever felt attracted to are creations of ink and paint (or pixels and phosphors), not flesh and blood.

Your whole post sounds too much as if it could have been written by my significant other four years ago when we were just best friends. He's quite sexual nowadays, though. As well as obviously being into females. :-3 His occasional whining about thinking he was an asexual (possibly an asexual bisexual even) completely made me think there was no way in hell I'd have a chance with him (being a real flesh and blood female, rather than 2D), so I dated another guy. Amusingly enough, seeing me being in a(n unhappy) relationship made him realize after a year or two that he felt more than just friendship for me, and we hooked up shortly after me and my ex split up.

But yeah... You might be just simply asexual? Nothing wrong with that.
Or just repressing your true feelings, as they might seem like futile folly. The painful kind of folly, which you'd rather pretend didn't exist than actually risk getting hurt.