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disillusioned with women? (19)

8 Name: Warez Otoko : 2007-04-01 22:56 ID:9ysfqoqb

I think that the only true way to be happy with women is to go for the fuck, before developing deep feelings and attachment... and when this happens, just leave her.
When we have feelings we are already on the way to our doom, it always ends badly, because it's the only way it can 'end' in fact, and often when it ends it ruins the entire thing by giving a period of shitty moods as long as the time you were happy with the girl.
Most women want to have us emotionally attached BEFORE we fuck them, they are the smartest in such things... but I think it can be done anyway, there are many girls nowadays who want to have fun without messing with the mind.
Because I learnt this the very-hard way, I'll be sure not to have any more relationships starting by chat : chatting is the sure way to have yourself emotionally attached to the woman too fast.