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PROBLEM: I attract goody-goods (25)

1 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-04-01 16:14 ID:jRh312d/

Okay, let's start with me: I'm a 21 year-old guy that smokes copious amounts of weed, am a former addict of hard drugs, listens to horrific music that sounds like a cat being ripped up alive in a blender while synthesizers blare in the background (or slow, gloomy, ambient Electro-Goth music), am militantly Atheist & Marxist, has had sex with more individuals than I really should have, and I often wear a Sigil of Baphomet [upside down pentagram with goat's head in it] pendant proudly around my neck. Not THAT crazy of a dude, but... I've been around the block.

And THEN there's the girls that are attracted to me. Most of the girls that I end up with are usually veeeery cute, intelligent, and funny, with some common interests, but they're also usually very shy, awkward, get straight A's, never have drank/smoked, play some kinda instrument or sport and play it very well, and have been a bit sheltered... a good bit of them are fellow otakus, but mainly are just shojou freaks... but also a good bit of them are virgins or religious to one degree or another.

Here are some of the last few girls I've gone on dates with or have vocally expressed interest in me:

-a conservative Christian girl that dressed very immaculately, plays the piano like a virtuoso, and listens only to Classical and baaad Soft Rock.
-a little Catholic girl whose parents are Arabs (ah, vay Allah, saddiqati!) who converted to Catholicism and who has, at 17, never had a boyfriend and is a virgin.
-a very cute redhead that is very sweet, and she calls me a good bit, but... she's also incredibly shy and quiet, so I don't really know that much about her.
-a Japanese otaku girl that is your standard "good little Asian girl"... but, hey, she listens to Metal, Industrial, and some of the more decent Visual Kei bands, so I guess she's salvagable...

This isn't too bad of a dilemma, actually... heck, even the girl that I dated for 3 1/2 years originally started out as a shy, awkward, nerdy little otaku girl... but it IS frustrating because a lot of the girls that express interest in me are either A) nothing like me, or B) virgins (biiiig responsibility, taking a girl's virginity).

TL;DR How do I attracted women that share more common interests? Or is this the case of "opposites attract"?