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PROBLEM: I attract goody-goods (25)

12 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-04-03 06:12 ID:jRh312d/

OP here

>>Chances are, if they're like you, they had their fair share of partners as well, and if that's true, it means they started out dating some horrible guy. After that, their choice of partners get worse with each new relationship.

Wow, way to totally generalize women and promote double standards- having a lot of sex = obviously dated someone terrible and only wants to date jerks. Puhleeze.

>>Choose to be the "nice guy" - They might be looking for something different, and if they go for different, the "different" is you. The crazier the girl, the more they've gone through, which means the more extreme YOU would have to become in an effort to be that nice guy.

Uhhh, did that. It DOES attract psychos because they look to you for stability and approval. Or you look like a fake.

>>Choose to be the "bad guy" - Simple, be the next asshole in their line-up of horrible lovers

Yeah, like there's no other alternative: either be a fake "sensitive" wussbag, or a hateful, abusive douchebag.

>>If you don't want to change yourself, then you'll just have to make due with the goody goodies.

I mean, I could survive with the good little girls- I mean, I've had success with them so far, lol... but still, it WOULD be nice to have someone on the same page as me, or someone that isn't so submissive and can balance things out (another problem of dating goodie-goods: so damn submissive!).

But dude, >>11, it sounds like you're just bitter. Chill out, go get laid. Or something, cuz, Jesus...