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PROBLEM: I attract goody-goods (25)

25 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-04-18 04:56 ID:tB3kTvdX

Haha, oh wow.
OP, give me your life.

I'm stuck with god-awful bitchy/annoying/screechy girls who think they're all bestest pals with me (And constantly talking about each other's backs to me, even when I'm not so much giving them a hint that I don't care as much as bluntly telling them I don't give a shit), just because they've smoked weed with me once or twice, and think I'm some kind of amazing person because I dress euro-style, like to read books and discuss philosophy, art, and politics.

Man, I wouldn't mind a nice sophisticated classical music-loving, well-dressed piano-playing girl; and I could even live with the religiousness. Talking about Theology is pretty interesting at times.

Try to just build some nice solid friendships with girls of common interests with you, and use that as a stepping stone to build a nice relationship with the usual slowly growing closer, 'more then just friends' and etc bit, it's a tried and true process.