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getting over her/him (25)

7 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-04-23 00:40 ID:IebafJTe


to be honest, i have conflicting feelings. 40% of me feels betrayed over what we were separated over to begin with, but the rest wants her like no other.

and i might as well say why we were how we got together and were separated.

we met through my best girlfriend. the first time i saw her, she was very shy, though we were both attracted to each other. the second time we saw each other, we went out one night with a group of friends. during that time, i got her to be alone with me for a bit, and asked if she wanted if she wanted to go out sometime. she said yes, and we rapidly ended up dating. the first 5 months were great, i didn't see her as much as i wanted to, but i spent every other weekend at her house(there was some distance, we lived about an hour away from each other). i found out alot about myself with her, and as did she. after those first 5 months we didn't necessarily start growing apart, but there was this restlessness i felt from her. we didn't grow apart, but something was wrong, and i felt it. after 7 months of being together, i mentioned something about how she forced me to do things i didn't want to do. then it happened. she said that she was in a very hectic period of her life, and that she didn't want to be in a relationship at the moment. what could i say? we broke up, but still remained friends. she knew i still wanted her. about 2 months later, i was still...uh, wounded?, more like hurting, when my best girlfriend invited me and her to a concert. i said sure. we talked to each other during the concert, but she sort of ignored me, which is ok i guess. but after the concert, we went for some dinner with a group of people we met. then i saw it. she basically fell for someone else in front of me. she knew i wanted her. at that moment i just felt like she tore out my heart, threw it to the ground, stomped on it, followed by some spitting. needless to say i was depressed. i stayed quiet and didn't tell her anything on how i felt.