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Many Women and One Confused Man \(>.<)/** (52)

34 Name: Hanyuu : 2007-04-29 22:25 ID:Zgddsr2O

See this from your perspective?

"I've already decided in the beginning of the year who I was going for and now that I've reached this limit I'm trying my best to decide who I can see myself with!"

Really, you sound like an indecisive man. You didn't decide from the beginning because you're still stuck with them all. What really bothers me is that, you don't seem to know the reverse situation: the "girl who's kind to everybody." Just to clue you in, in case you don't know, guys hate that.

Let's say you do narrow it down to one person and you decided, "I really love her. I think I can be with her for the rest of my life." That's a commitment I'll respect, but if she ever asks you about the past, can you honestly tell me that it wouldn't hurt to say, "I dated ____ other women while dating you and you were the one." Sure, you get the aspect of "choosing" her, but you also cheapen the moment by dividing your attention to all of them instead of putting your whole into one. Now, I'll agree with Severin to a degree. Playing a numbers game wouldn't be as risky as putting your heart on one, but... I still don't think it's fair, Laten. You may like them all, but what it feels like is a cheap date and, worst of all, a cheap romance. If this were okay to do, I think you should let the girls know you're doing this. The thing is, you can't. You know they'd disapprove. Ever wonder about that?

So, I'm not asking you to blow off any of them, Laten. I never said that.

"I don't know which one to talk to. So how do I choose!!! Do I play the field?! I've heard that women don't like that. I've been in this same situation since high school! In the end I always end up alone. Can someone please help me?! Thanks."

I just feel insulted that you don't realize why you end up being alone. First, you come to a board and ask, "How do I choose?" Well, simple, by how much you like them. Second, you state that you like them all "equally". I think that's an excuse for not pursuing ANY of them. Go. Go do it. If you truly like them all "equally" then you got nothing to lose by choosing one. Hurting the others? Well, what hurts more is you're keeping their hopes up AND dating OTHER women. So, you've the Tenchi Syndrome? Then, you should know that what hurt the women most was his indecisiveness. The only advantage you got here is that these women you're considering don't know each other and I feel that's cheating.

Let me end it on this note. Both sexes play the numbers game, but it's only acceptable if you don't have people WAITING for your answer. The reason why you're alone is this: you didn't pursue any of them and they got sick of you. Laten, just start the process. Decide on one instead of keeping them waiting. There's no other way to find out of if you like one more or less than another, so date them and date her as if she were the only one. That way, you gave it your all and it didn't work out. That's fair.