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Many Women and One Confused Man \(>.<)/** (52)

37 Name: Hanyuu : 2007-04-29 23:14 ID:Zgddsr2O


"Now, I'll agree with Severin to a degree. Playing a numbers game wouldn't be as risky as putting your heart on one, but... I still don't think it's fair, Laten."

I agree with him only to a degree-- that means to a certain extent. Just because both sides play the numbers game doesn't make it justifiable. I still feel it's wrong and...

"it's only acceptable if you don't have people WAITING for your answer."

Love shouldn't be a game of luck. You're not rolling dice. You aren't putting women up in a line and picking numbers.
I'm not on your side or Severin's side.

"When I said choose who I was going to talk to, I wasn't talking about the girls I'm talking to now but a larger number of woman to whom were interested in me (not to be cocky or anything because I'm not trying to)."

Don't understand what you mean there. Can you please clarify? You want to know how to talk to women who "were" interested in you? That's just going to bring back odd moments and pain :/.

Laten, look. Go with Severin's advice, but with a pinch of mine, too. He said something about how he used cheap dates. I pray he means price-wise, but please, please when you take one of them out on date, think about her and only her. Don't be light in your approach because you're thinking about another girl. Once again, that's just not fair. Use these dates to get to know each girl if you must, but don't keep them waiting.