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Many Women and One Confused Man \(>.<)/** (52)

43 Name: Severin : 2007-04-30 02:12 ID:4nPV3Euw

I think Hanyuu has some valid criticisms and clarifications of what I was saying, and I would warn Laten of some things:

>>That's a commitment I'll respect, but if she ever asks you about the past, can you honestly tell me that it wouldn't hurt to say, "I dated ____ other women while dating you and you were the one."

What do you mean by "dating" in this context, Hanyuu? If you mean "dating" as in she is now your official girlfriend, then it is DEFINITELY not the way to go. If you are still in the initial 2-3 dates, if the subject does come up, you should be upfront and honest: "Look, I'm seeing others right now, and I think you should see others too, but I genuinely like you and am very interested". Or something like that; how you word/approach it really depends on the person.

Now, I must warn you, you say you like them all equally- now do you treat them all equally? Do you send the "you-are-the-one" signals to each one? Then you really are acting like an asshole, and should pull out before things get SERIOUSLY messy. I agree with Hanyuu on that. Be honest with them and with yourself.

>>Laten, look. Go with Severin's advice, but with a pinch of mine, too. He said something about how he used cheap dates. I pray he means price-wise, but please, please when you take one of them out on date, think about her and only her. Don't be light in your approach because you're thinking about another girl. Once again, that's just not fair. Use these dates to get to know each girl if you must, but don't keep them waiting.