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Ummm...friended? (7)

1 Name: shy-kun : 2007-05-17 15:12 ID:zMmeehHl

My ex-girlfriend and I were on pretty good terms went we left, so after a while I started e-mailing her, and about 3 monts ago, I started calling her regularly again. I've decided that I know I want to go out with her again, (even though I'm the one who broke us up) and she knows this too, so the question is, how do we start it up again.(and also, there wasn't much to begin with ((we never kissed even once(((never even held hands((((I know what you're thinking, you can't call that a relation ship...)))))))))so how do I create something really good ? ((as in ********ing eachother...))) BTW, we're both HS freshman.

Thank you.