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help... relationship didn't get off the ground (22)

11 Name: OP : 2007-05-24 09:12 ID:P8vjfw1v

Thanks:) I know, the whole finally meeting thing was pretty much a disaster, heh; (First date ever, and it turns out to be a miserable time... Not eager to have that happen again...)

I'm not stereotypically writing her off or giving up, though... Anyone else would've, but I'm not going to just walk away & leave us at this point, after that date... I worked up my courage yesterday, and realized that I really still want to have a relationship with this girl, as I really did fall for her, and she literally also admitted falling for me, when she was her regular self...

She hasn't responded yet, which likely means that she's really thinking her life over hard before calling or saying about meeting again... I happened to check online journal sites, and I've noticed that her icon representing her changed from her typical one to a symbol with the word "Angst"... I can only hope this means she's really debating us, and what she wants in life, because I know I have...