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Being Sexy (39)

1 Name: Touch of Ink. : 2007-05-29 21:00 ID:04yIBO1j

This is for all the women out there on this board. Hopefully some normal women.

I am probably the most normal any anime/internet junkie is ever going to get. Good physique, motivated in life, ambitious, socially well-spoken and connected. On average (during the school semester) I get approached by one or two women a week. A different girl is over my house every day of the week, and I choose which ones I want to have sex with.

They know this, they know me. They know it's not a relationship. They even know each other. I'm unfortunately not graceful enough to have threesomes except on special occasions. I also have to move the mountains while writing a fourteen page report on windex in order to have one.

Now... I'll reveal another part of me I haven't really told anyone. I know girls, talk to them pretty deeply and I really love it. I like more than the sex, I just like being with someone. Honestly speaking, regardless of all the women I know, I've never dated, never had a girlfriend, a relationship, and I'm still too scared to approach any girl individually. I just let myself get approached.

As it stands, I'm actually setting myself up for that.

I'm not getting any younger. Any one of the girls I'm currently with would love to be my exclusive girlfriend. The thing is, I really don't like any of the girls I'm with. I mean, they're fun, and exciting. But they really don't know the first thing about me. I'm looking for someone who spends more time ONline than someone to go skiing with.

So my question is, what is the most romantic way to say "I want to stop having sex with you, I'm still heterosexual, but I've got to move on with my life and you do too... So I never want to hear or see you again" And how do I say that to six different girls...

Now take note, I also want a backup plan if I ever want to go back... Like... I want to move on as long as moving on is better than the life I've got now. So the entire Blunt "Go the fuck away" is completely out of the question. If being with one girl I can really connect with is bogus I'd like to be able to go back.

I know I'm being selfish with this, but really, I just want this transition in my life to be as smooth as possible.