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Being Sexy (39)

30 Name: Touch of Ink. : 2007-06-03 23:36 ID:3Jf1fjri

You call that luck? I didn't just wake up and girls were all over me. I made that happen. And do girls just come up to me and say "OH MY GOD LETS HAVE SEX NOW" no... Sometimes they say "OH MY GOD I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU NOW" but you know something? If you say "Lets go here so we can have sex" they'll get flustered and WONT HAVE SEX WITH YOU. They'll just laugh it off like a joke.

Sex is about timing. It's not even about relationships or shit like that. It's about whether the girl feels like you can be trusted and finds you attractive enough and if they're comfortable enough and the time is right. A girl could WANT to have sex with you. But won't, because she's not comfortable with it. I have to say a HUNDRED things with only five to six words. THATS NOT LUCK.

I consider myself lucky to have the girls that I DO have.

And why is it hard for me to find a girl I want to be with?

Because I want a girl who doesn't care about that. But is still valuable herself. I want a girl who finds ME attractive. Not because everyone knows me. Not because other girls find me attractive. Not because I have a future. Not because I get straight A's -Except I got a B+ this semester but that was my fault-. Not because I work out, or have nice hair or anything.

I want a girl who would Love me, even if I were still fat. I want a girl who would Love me, if I were fat and unpopular and STILL had difficulty talking to people.

That's what's so hard.

That's what's difficult. And don't find that hard to believe, because that's what I desire... It's what I'm willing to leave my current WOMEN for. This life that you guys call "Lucky" or simply "Untrue"

If you guys really think it's untrue, hit me up on AIM, give me two months and I could TEACH any of you to get girls. Any of you willing to make changes in your life.