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Being Sexy (39)

36 Name: 31 : 2007-07-27 08:19 ID:peQt4RLL


I believe that one can be an "attention whore" in a positive way. There are some people who attract attention by being loud and obnoxious, and there are a few who are so nice and outgoing to everyone that people like them.


There is a small "attention whore" in every one of us, and I wish to free mine from the chains of shyness and insecurity. =)

Like this thread's starter, I also get almost perfect grades (without much effort compared to how much my friends study), and I feel that I could lay more energy on being totally free from bad self-confidence, than just waste my time at the computer and watching the hours fly away.

Although I don't do it explicitly for the sake of "having girls all over me", I feel that it is just a necessary step in my personal self-development. Also, if I get to know more people, my chances of finding someone I like would increase.