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Pretty Sure I Just Wasted My Virginity (33)

28 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-06-04 13:46 ID:QI+YV3KN


Regarding your response to >>24 (thaaat's me)
Lady, lots of people DO go through bouts of doubt regarding their first time. As one of the few creatures that HAS sex for pleasure and not just procreation, we have an awfully nasty attitude about it (in most places of the world).

The fuck-buddy situation may not have been how you envisioned your first time but, like it or not, it was a learning experience. Be glad that you've found sex to be pleasurable and fun, regardless of the weak bond with your partner, and have the capacity to move on to someone that you'll have a (healthy) emotional attachment to.

I'm going to be frank: a lot of people that resent someone for losing their virginity are often:
a) jealous or bitter of your experience and their lack of
b) a bit self-righteous and hold unreasonably high standards for others-- they need to be realistic and recognize that people make mistakes and have been with others.

You, legit, seem like a nice person and deserve someone that's understanding of your not-entirely-rare situation instead of giving you grief over it.