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Pretty Sure I Just Wasted My Virginity (33)

9 Name: Christy : 2007-05-30 17:56 ID:2CvwAGV0

I think you're right. Sex for the sake of sex probably isn't a good way to start off, especially when I'm still pretty immature and vulnerable.
And here I always thought that once the time came I'd be smart about it and choose the right person and all.
woman's fatal flaw, or whatevah
I won't talk with him about it. I mean, I'm stupid and all but his train of thought throughout was pretty clear. Get high, get sex, leave. I'd like to find someone to enjoy myself with but I'm still not sure if I'm emotionally ready for dating or even just talking. I think I might need to sort some things out with myself before I dump them all on other people. To be honest, I'm still not even sure whether I like boys or girls or even myself.

Thank you for all the advice!