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I'm a girl, how should I be? (54)

12 Name: Touch of Ink. : 2007-06-13 15:34 ID:t4ZrBtFZ

What the fuck is wrong with these "Be yourself" people. You know there IS the intention that OP wanted to be better for her boyfriend. She finds him attractive and valuable, thus she wants to be a better person for him. She wants to be Innocent Moe, so she desires to be Moe. That's part of who she is. Not what someone else told her to be.

Fuck "Be yourself"... Be who you "want" to be.

And she wants to be that.

I think personality wise, the innocent girls can be extremely conniving and even deceptive. But they're not proud, they're still extremely humble and realize that they're not the center of the world. Examples of this can be in how they really want something but refuse to admit to it IE Holding on to his arm with the pretext of staying warm.

It's cute because you don't really want to admit that you just want to hold his arm do you? But eventually something REALLY cute is when you confess that that's all you wanted to do. Let that happen naturally though.

Be AFFECTIONATE. But Fear Affection. It means so much more to a man knowing that a girl is doing something she is afraid of because she wants both of you to be closer, than a girl doing something that she's done a million times. This sort of action is the kind of thing that makes a man feel like he's a million times taller and valuable.

For instance, let's say this guy hypothetically gets blowjobs from tons of attractive girls right? But all these girls give blowjobs to a lot of people. It really doesn't make it seem all that valuable. But for one girl who never lets anyone even TOUCH her because she's afraid of it(or many reasons), to want to hold or be held by someone is extremely valuable.

Proportionately, a girl who never lets anyone touch her out of fear, is giving even MORE valuable by giving a Kiss away. It's proportionate.