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Looking at my girlfriend's past... (24)

23 Name: sigh : 2007-07-07 16:54 ID:Jbp774gU

I learned a lot from this relationship. Not just as relationship-wise, but also I learned about life and all the valuable lessons I need to survive in this world. I'm really glad I spent a year with her because without her, I still would be the same naive kid who didn't know anything. If the next relationship I have is turning to something like my first one, I'm going to discuss with my partner how I feel, not holding back my feelings. If it still doesn't work, then I will quit. I won't let anybody to take advantage of me. I won't let anybody to manipulate my feelings because I am a human too, and I have feelings. I am very sensitive for a guy and got hurt a lot in my first relationship. It's a real shame how our relationship turned out like thus, but if it weren't for the 'incidents' we would make the greatest couple ever.

Thanks a lot again for giving me advices. :)