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Looking at my girlfriend's past... (24)

6 Name: sigh : 2007-06-22 04:30 ID:Jbp774gU

Hey guys, OP here.

Thanks for all the advices. The main reason I am staying with her right now is because we have amazing sex. Apparently I'm the biggest she ever had (superficial?), and I really enjoy this physical relationship (she's toned and sexy). But I just feel that we do not connect mentally since we argue most of the time when we communicate. We've been trying to fix this, and so far we've been able to open up each other's minds bit by bit. At least that's good. When we first started relationship, everything was out of our hands and it felt like the world was about to end. But whatever she did wrong, I always forgave her. She wondered why I was forgiving her all the time, and told me that I am very different from others. I was just into her so much, and maybe it was love, I just had to forgive her. She's became a totally different person after that. She used to treat me like shit, but now she pampers me and treats me like a king unconditionally, and I feel very fortunate to have her.
Who knows what will happen in a few years? Maybe I will find a better woman and have better relationship than the one I have right now? Only time will tell...