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Like seriously, what do you walk about? (13)

8 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-07-02 01:12 ID:QxLgdCZh

>>7 You suck. I hate people who give such vague responses. You do not help the OP.

I tend to avoid "geeky" topics because I find they are inappropriate for conversation (animu, manga, pc/video games) also people tend to judge you negatively for this, if your appearance doesn't already give it away.

I often ask if they smoke (weed)? I find the answer to this conversation can say a decent amount about their life philosophy. I hate talking about the weather.

I only talk to one person in real life. Our conversations mostly consist of how we can improve our lives, where we currently are in life (looking for job, going to school), when more opiods are coming in, reminiscing to a time when life was carefree and we were happy in retrospect(high school), and how mutual acquaintances are doing.

I suck at having interesting conversations, this is probably why I have one friend.