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about people in this world...on this planet... (8)

3 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-07-17 14:23 ID:1sAuhFOL

Actually i don't, even when I am alone i enjoy my own company. And there is always someone there for you, with no hope, what is left ? We have no certainties about life, about death, about existence itself. What are you without hope ? You are nothing, close to dead.

But yeah, men in general are stupid, you should really just act in ways that make better men be attracted to you, show your personality, show what you are interested in, dress differently. Change if what you are no is not working.

But yeah, either you have strength and hope to live, either you don't, so please, don't feel so desperate, be aware that the more you are, the greater the amount of guys in similar sittuations will come running to you.

Life is good, you just have to learn how to wait and hope, work hard and feel the surroundings.