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4 Name: macdonaldez : 2007-07-17 16:42 ID:Y0MVMpl5

Dunno about you guys and girls, but MY problem is that it's hard to meet new people- by this, i don't mean that i'm shy, i mean that i don't get the opportunity to meet them. This is what comes of having a job where you work in a basement, and don't have any dealings with the general public.

Anyway, do you ever get the feeling that if you just had the actual opportunity to meet someone you liked, you'd have no problems taking care of the rest? Er, not that i'm a particularly amazing guy or anything, but when i see how crappily some people treat their girl/ boyfriends/ wives/ husbands, lying, cheating, hurting them physically and emotionally, i KNOW that i could do at least a hundred times better- i'm sure at least some of you feel the same, right?