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Are you guys sometimes scared that you'll be alone forever? (27)

15 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-07-23 09:23 ID:ECSoxF7f

20?, you have lots of time. I am 27, was home schooled and have been isolated for years. Thus the girls i have even spoken to in the last decade plus can be counted on one hand. Add in the fact
that i have never had any form of employment and still live at home.
How would someone like me even meet a girl?, I mean with little social skills and close to no idea how the outside world functions. Many girls being shallow and materialistic and me pretty much with nothing to my name, just surviving.

I'm sure if I found a girl of sufficient intelligence she would like me for my mind but I would not even know how to approach someone. I've considered getting a degree in something, thus enabling me to engage in more social interaction, but I have been
away from people for so long it feels like a monumental undertaking.