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Are you guys sometimes scared that you'll be alone forever? (27)

4 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-07-20 18:37 ID:70Wnq5se

Well, in most societies in the world, men outnumber women up until age 65, when discrepancies in life expectancy tilt the demographics in favor of the fairer sex.

What this means is that for pretty much everyone reading this, it is a fact that there are more of us men than there are girls, available or otherwise. Logically, some of us (not a terribly large percentage, granted) will necessarily be unable to find girlfriends.

Unless, of course, we live past the age of 65, when our options will finally open up, at least amongst our own age group. But, of course, nobody dreams about sweet summer romances underneath the blossoming cherry trees where the protagonists are, shall we say, well-seasoned.

So, really, that's as good as failing. orz