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Is there a next step or did THAT happen? (9)

7 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-07-28 08:12 ID:qn84L0im

I might call her... But we really haven't talked much in the last couple weeks. We see each other and say hi sometimes, and I've talked to her online on occasion. Maybe twice a week. But I'll try talking to her next time I see her- or next time she logs on. Not really sure what to talk about.

There's also (one of) the big questions- I'm not the most attractive person ever. Certainly I've improved my style, switching from somewhat odd (but cheap and easy to wear) clothing to more "normal" stuff, and my weight is hovering between 175-180 (at 5'8" this isn't good, but i'm trying), down from 200 just a few months ago... But I'm not sure an attractive girl like her would see me as more than a friend. I rated the odds against me as at least 1000 to 1...

My confidence is kinda shot to hell right now... But yeah. Need to talk to her/call her.