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Need help with sex please (22)

13 Name: Nibbles : 2007-08-16 08:18 ID:mH+StNZ1

>>12 30 minutes isn't bad.

What you really want to shoot for is at least an hour or two.
One thing I find when I'm sexing and some of my ways of being able to go for hours on end.

  1. Get caught in the moment, don't think about what time it is and worry that your gonna blow your load to early, look into her eyes(if they aren't shut) and pay attention to her, see how she moves, see how she reacts to your movement.
  2. Don't go too fast or too slow for too long, I find if I go too fast for too long then I will cum very quickly, same with the going slow, for me when I go slow I can feel her vagina wrapping around my penis like the hands of a goddess and it makes me want to cum.
  3. Add variety, don't stay in one position too long, move around, try being on top for a bit then let her be on top, try doggy style, try doing it on a desk, try doing it on the floor, counter, bathtub, etc.
  4. Try some foreplay. Before sex or take a break during sex, eat her out, let her give you a blowjob, finger, handjob, etc.
  5. It may sound crazy but its worked for me on numerous occasions. Talk to your penis, tell him to give you some extra time.

The fact your cumming early doesn't necessarily mean your a premature ejaculator, it could just mean she has a very tight vagina and/or is good in bed.