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i need help with my girl and her bad cousin (26)

18 Name: Amphetamine Kiss : 2007-08-19 05:05 ID:YgLs8JE6

one more thing im not into that suicide crap i admit i probably was when i was like 16 cuz my father was murdered and the killer got away cuz of the how do you say... uhm stupid and useless police force of the country im in... but however ones myspace is like doesnt reflect a persons whole life. its just a freaking way to contact my friends in the us for mei dont give a damn about it thats why its s barren the last time i even updated anything in it was like 7 months ago and that was just chaning the song..last time i uploaded a pic was 8 months ago... so if any of you people want to be ignorant assholes my guest but it only proves 2 things
youre insecure and you probably have such a sad and angry life that you take it out on others dont make me get all psychoanalitic on you im a junior in psychology you nitwits i hate people like you who judge people on their outter appearance youre most likely like her cousin and i pity you... atleast 90% of all the other posters before you came along had a mind and arent as judgemental as you you prick.

>>14 & 15 i admit those thing but that was in the past and he only knew me when i looked up to him as a older brother when i competed against him in a impromptu contest he doesnt know anything about my life after that nor does he have a myspace... so its not that cuz he doesnt have a clue that at one point in my life i made a mistake and i thought i went down the wrong path and then my dad was murdered so i thought i was doin the right thing being "emo/gothic" but about 9-10 months ago it all changed and i did too for the better so im sure its nothin about the time i wanted to die... which i say WAS a very stupid and bad choice i made i wasted 1 year and 3 months just kicking myself around so you can call me stupid for that and call me a asshole or whatever... but i assure you im not "emo" nor do i want to do the things i did... if i still do why would i ask for help and/or even give a damn with whatevers happening... please rethink what you said and please give me advice cuz everyone changes and gets a second chance in life and joy and this is mine... and if you were in my shoes im sure you wouldnt want to lose or give up now would you