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i need help with my girl and her bad cousin (26)

8 Name: Amphetamine Kiss : 2007-08-17 12:20 ID:uz/uVl3f

5th poster thanks im doing that right now. my girl knows hes lying and all but i just cant stand her crying every night cuz of what hes sayin to her that hurts her... i tell her to keep her chin up and not listen cuz only me and her matter... shes happy about that but the guy rus it in her face that were a plane ride away... we live on diff islands but in thsame country... and i already told her all the bad things ive done i introduced her to everybody i know that she can ask question to about me and she doesnt cuz she trusts me.... basically im ok with being passive but im sure you know how much it hurts and how hard it is to hear the person you love cry so hard cuz somebody is insecure or just being a plain ass... i dont have a prob with this guy nor do i care it only matters cuz hes hurting her alot and i ask my girl if she wants to rethink us cuz of how shes being treated by her cousin and how shes being hurt... im happy that she doesnt want to and got mad at me cuz i mentioned it... but i just wish i could stop her crying every other day... words of love only go so far to cheer her up every day... thats all i can do now is to make things better when it happens... i just wish i could just stop her tears and pain.

for the 6th poster =

ask anyone around who knows him they all say thesame thing its only cuz his family is rich and is in politics that they look past him... i dont have anything against him but i am angry hes doin this to a person he says hes protecting and that he loves if you loved somebody would you insult the person they love and watch them cry every chance you get? im aware in being alil hypocritic but as i said alot of people agree with him... if i mention to you what his best friend whos my bestfriend says about him youd think what i said about him was just being sarcastic.