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i need help with my girl and her bad cousin (26)

1 Name: Amphetamine Kiss : 2007-08-16 13:00 ID:uz/uVl3f

well first of all i met this wonderful girl... shes 2 years younger. her parents are ok with me dating her but then along comes her cousin who for some reason judges me cuz i USED to play DDR and wore army boots when i was like 15-16 and now im 18. and everyday he says bad things about me to my girl and she doesnt believe him but it hurts her soo much she cries and she and i arent giving up just cuz of that. but i cant stand to know that she cries cuz her cousin claims hes saving her from pain BY GIVING HER PAIN... and he threatens her by saying shell destroy me to her family... and i cant fight him cuz she doesnt want me to tech him a lesson... i wanna resolve this and just get him to stop making her cry and feel bad before i lose it and make a mistake with him... i already tried talking to him but he just played along till my "sources" told me he just did that to let my guard down so itll be easier to bring me down... i dont know what to do i cant find a way to reason with him... hes the typical "socially inclined rich guy" whos smart and ignorant and only cares about social strata... and hes egocentric he is one huge ass thats trying to take the world inside >_>

17 Name: Amphetamine Kiss : 2007-08-19 04:52 ID:YgLs8JE6

lol its sad you guys think im emo hahaha again with the hypocricy... dude im not emo nor ghetto nor whatever im just me trust me ive seen my share of emo fags who cut themselves cuz they thinkk its a fashion sense besides if i was emo i wouldnt be a breakdancer nor would i be a dj in a night club that only house/rnb crowds go to now would i... so before you go around judging people look at your own freaking self cuz you guys NEED a serious rain check

18 Name: Amphetamine Kiss : 2007-08-19 05:05 ID:YgLs8JE6

one more thing im not into that suicide crap i admit i probably was when i was like 16 cuz my father was murdered and the killer got away cuz of the how do you say... uhm stupid and useless police force of the country im in... but however ones myspace is like doesnt reflect a persons whole life. its just a freaking way to contact my friends in the us for mei dont give a damn about it thats why its s barren the last time i even updated anything in it was like 7 months ago and that was just chaning the song..last time i uploaded a pic was 8 months ago... so if any of you people want to be ignorant assholes my guest but it only proves 2 things
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19 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-08-19 12:33 ID:ilpWjZiE


So what the fuck am I supposed to believe then, you must realize the importance of making a good impression, and I don't know you from anything except what you've said here and what I found in that link.

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20 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-08-19 13:58 ID:cipmRDj3

> so before you go around judging people look at your own freaking self cuz you guys NEED a serious rain check

yeah i know, phoenix wright was sold out when i got to the store :(

21 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-08-19 16:35 ID:fsIKrzTw

>>20 lmao

>>18 I have to agree with >>18 here. But anyway, I doubt that your girlfriend's cousin is really as horrible as you say he is. Before you can have people stop judging you and accept you, you need to stop judging them and accept them first. In this thread, you were the first to judge as well as most frequent. Re-read your posts, you'll see.

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22 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-08-19 16:36 ID:fsIKrzTw

>I have to agree with >>19 here.

Fix. My bad.

23 Name: Not_YourFriend : 2007-08-19 16:58 ID:5TFCd885

I completely agree with >>21 here

I dont really think you should mind her cousin as to fighting with him, instead of fighting him you should teach her how 2 defend her self agenst him. Fighting for her could make her less independent & lean more onto u.

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24 Name: Amphetamine Kiss : 2007-08-20 02:56 ID:YgLs8JE6

thanks 23 and 21 i get your point sorry about the ranting i do admit i have been a ass and judged the guy alil fast but its just that when i tried getting to know him he just insulted me i guess you guys have a point just dont make it about my past lifestyle ill edit my myspace sometime this week then thanks for the help and advice you guys helped and for those who did insult me i apologize for fighting back i guess i did kinda set myself up with the myspace but im not the kinda guy my myspace reflects anymore so at the very least just reconsider that part. sorry for the wrong grammar i and spellings i dont watch out for it thanks for givin me a reality check while helpin me ill take most of what the negative posts said and prove them wrong but some things i admit is my fault i just hoped they wouldve said it alil more kindly rather thank insulting me and all that. i thank all of you for your help and im open to any more advice so youre welcome to give more. to everyone whos helped me so far i thank you for it and i owe you and one day god will repay you for this thanks guys for keeping the love alive in the world

25 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-08-20 08:59 ID:ilpWjZiE


Yeah you seem like a sensible person when everything comes around, I won't look at who you were but who you want to and try to be, and you're showing the right attitude. You have my blessing, best of luck to you.

26 Name: Amphetamine Kiss : 2007-08-21 01:09 ID:YgLs8JE6

thanks my girl red the post she got mad cuz i was being a jerk hahaha i got myself in trouble