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You know what I realized? (29)

10 Name: Nice Guy : 2007-10-06 11:00 ID:wdKjrZLZ

waaaaaai, you guys (° Д °)

I know where the "Nice guys never finish last" thing comes from.

I'm a Nice Guy, and I believed that "fact" for the longest time. And that seriously affected my view on people, relationships and everything around me.

I became a bitter son of a bitch for almost a year. Hated all relationships, hated everyone around me, hated on anything and everything.

But it didn't make me happy at all.

I'm a Nice Guy again now, after a few years ;p
And my track with women isn't too bad at all.

"This is all just a game. You fuck her, you win. You don't fuck her, you lose. There's no trust or loyalty in any of this. All people are concerned about is getting themselves off. As long as they are satisfied in the pants, everything is a-o-fucking-kay."

It's kind of true for a lot of people, especially for us young folk~ But if you're looking for that serious, committed relationship, then fuck the rest, huh?

I try to live my life as ideal as I can. I will not do something that I would hope someone else would not do. I'll never cheat on my girl, or hurt her in any way I can prevent. If she ends up hurting me, then it fuckin sucks, but the sun rises again tomorrow.

Living as your own ideal will lead you in the right direction, despite the hard journey. I don't believe the universe is that cruel to fuck someone so bad, you gotta have hope dude.