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You know what I realized? (29)

20 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-10-08 11:57 ID:XNB8G2ce

Try the other way buddy. Fuck men, they suck. All they want is pussy. I want a man who cares about me, the way I care about him. Yeah sure, you get the pleasure from a fuck buddy, but a fuck doesn't remember your birthday, your favourite colour, or looks after you when your sick. A fuck doesn't say "I love you" truthfully.

As much as hump and dump makes you feel good sexually, in the end, especially if you ARE a nice guy, you will just feel hollow inside.

I'm sorry for the way the anonymous chick hurt you. We're not all like that. In fact if I could find her for her, I'd rips her eyes out. Girls like that give girls with good intentions the absolute shits.