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You know what I realized? (29)

29 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-10-23 13:02 ID:Heaven

>I'm trying to get, it's a real, loving, relationship... Nice guys can't even seem to get that...

Nice guy here. Engaged with a wonderful cute girl who's very devoted. Been with her for three years, first girl I've seriously dated and I'm the second one she's ever dated. Stop trying to date shallow trendwhores and start dating chicks who tickle your mind as well as your boner.

>The "nice guys" that type these whinge posts are often the ones who expect to get sex/affection by just simply being nice to a girl.

This rings too true. A lot of the chicks at my uni find the attitude offensive: I'm nice to you so now you owe me! Nevermind that curtesy, honesty and being polite should be standard basic male behavior according to chicks, and everything else on top of that the attractive personality.
I've been repeatedly vented at that being treated like a potential girlfriend on first contact at neutral ground, instead of like a fellow human being, is quite a turnoff. There's a time and place for everything, including flirting.

>What a girl wants is personality.

See above. Very yes. Assholes just tend to skimp on being nice, because their other traits overshadow the lack of decency until it's too late. Don't forget all the chicks raised with Stockholm syndrome for abusive guys, too.

>Personality in the sense that one is sure of who they are, and possesses self confidence.

I'm not that sure of who I am, and I'm confident in some fields, others not. I'm passionate about some things, my girl's said she finds that very attractive, among other things. She's also stated she couldn't date anyone without a sense of humor. She loves my humor, although she hates it when I make fun of myself. Or "belittle" myself, as she calls it. We have a lot of interests and values in common, which is what you should go for. A chick who not only looks good and is fun in bed, but also is a good intellectual match.

I am aware of that my girl is no more an accurate representative of the females on this planet than I the males, but we're no freak exceptions so it's relevant.

>Try finding girls who don't put out on the third date...

Just remember, girl who puts out for you on the third date != girl who puts out for any guy on the third date
Mine dumped her ex because he turned into a jerk after a few months.