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to get over? (6)

6 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-10-24 23:04 ID:M0nTms/R

There are ways you can fix this, but you have to be a good flirt...

Ask her out again. This time, tell her that you want to take her out for a good time. Smile, but don't be creepy. BE HER FRIEND. She must feel safe. She must enjoy being around you, or she wouldn't be your friend. If she tells you no, be persistent. Not stalker-ish, but persistent. Ask why she doesn't want to, say something like, "Oh, why not, are you busy?" If she says yes, make a mock-sad face and say, "Oh, all right, I won't bother you" and overly exaggerate slumping your shoulders. But afterwards still treat her like a friend. She would like that. Continuity. Let her know that you are still going to be her friend even after she turns you down, or even after you start dating.

But if you want to get over her so badly, then, yes, I agree with >>2. see other people. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy the company of others, even if you think it may go nowhere. You don't always have to make a relationship out of one little date. Just have fun!